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Disclaimer: To the best of our knowledge
these websites are either neutral or scriptural.
However, we cannot be responsible for the links others use,
or the ever-changing content of each site.
It is recommended that each individual compare the information
or teachings provided in any website with the Word of God.
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 Author’s Home Congregation,
please visit Eufaula Church of Christ 

For a free worldwide listing of the Churches of Church, visit: http://www.churchzip.com/ 

 For a free Bible On-line Bible Correspondence course visit
Truth for the World:  http://www.tftw.org/

 For a free Bible program containing numerous translations
& related materials.  Somewhat easier to install and use
than e-sword, but less information is available. 
Great for laptops  http://www.eveningdew.com/

 For a free Bible program containing numerous translations, commentaries, dictionaries, and much more.  Our favorite computer based Bible study suite: 

 Super Link pages includes a mammoth site devoted
solely the collection of sites related to
Bible Resources Church of Christ http://christianresources.i8.com/
and the highly respected "Executable Outlines" Series.


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